Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative

China’s ambitious global construction project, the One Belt, One Road Initiative (OBOR), covers more than 68 countries and 65% of the world’s population, making it one of the largest infrastructure and investment projects in history. In an effort to improve trade and connect Asia, Africa, and Europe, China is building infrastructure along and between both the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” and the “Silk Road Economic Belt.” While it is an unprecedented investment in infrastructure and trade, China is also using OBOR as a foreign policy move that some major powers see as a threat to global order. As it continues to expand, the world must consider if OBOR should be funded or combatted, how it should be regulated, the effect it will have on developing countries, and its impact on global economic markets and politics.

Background guide

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Chair: Cormac Thorpe

Hi! I’m a senior and I’ve been involved in Model UN since my freshman year. Model UN has been an incredible way for me to improve my debate and public speaking skills while at the same time learning about interesting global issues. Outside of Model UN, I play soccer, run a community service club, and love studying science, Spanish, and geography. This marks the last conference of my high school career, so I’m super excited to be running EthicalMUN III, as well as chairing the Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative committee, and look forward to meeting all of you in May!

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Chair: Olivia Becker

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia Becker and I am serving as co-Chief of Staff of the conference, in addition to being the Chair of the Chinese One Belt, One Road Initiative Committee at EthicalMUN III! I have been doing Model UN for the past five years, and it has taught me not only about foreign policy but also how to think outside of the box and compromise. In my free time, I enjoy doing community service, playing lacrosse, and reading. If you have any questions you can reach me at I look forward to meeting you all in May!


Crisis Director: Tanveer Chabba

Hello all! My name is Tanveer Chabba and I am a Freshman at Fieldston. I have been doing Model UN at Fieldston for 3 years and I have loved every second of it. This is my first EthicalMUN and I am really looking forward to being the crisis director of this committee. Outside of school I enjoy playing soccer, watching soccer, and eating lots of good food. I look forward to meeting all of you in May!