Southern Mediterranean Refugee Crisis


This committee is a crisis committee focused on tackling the Southern Mediterranean Refugee Crisis. In 2017 alone, 170,000 immigrants crossed arrived in Europe by sea and 120,000 of those immigrants passed the Central Mediterranean, the migrant route with the most deaths. Moreover, the huge influx of immigrants, has caused major challenges for the European nations they are entering and border nations, the nations closest to the route such as Hungary, Germany, Spain, Croatia, and Portugal, are struggling to deal with the amount of people entering. Many of the migrants are from Sub-Saharan African nations, and are being forced out of their countries by conflict and civil war. This committee will challenge delegates in the European Union, to tackle the root and the symptom of crisis, addressing both the causes for the mass migration and finding pragmatic solutions for the European nations tasked with accepting the migrants. 

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Chair: Hannah Platt

Hi my name is Hannah Platt and I'm a junior! I'm so excited to be chairing this committee and help you all tackle this difficult topic. I've been doing Model UN since 8th grade and love both participating in conferences and chairing at Ethical MUN. I can't wait to meet you all! 

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Chair: HAlle Friedman

Hi my name is Halle and I’m a junior! I have been doing Model UN for five years now and have chaired two EthicalMUN conferences. I enjoy teaching MUN at the Beacon after school program and writing quality directives and resolutions. In my free time I enjoy tennis and painting. Can’t wait to meet you all in May!


Crisis Director: lucy Troy

Hello all! My name is Lucy Troy and I am very excited for this year’s EthicalMUN conference. I am currently a freshman and this is my first year at Fieldston. Model UN has without a doubt been one of my favorite experiences this year. I am so excited to see what more this club holds for me in the future. Outside of MUN, I am on the ultimate frisbee team, work with a great organization called Friendship Circle, do creative writing, and hang out with friends! I am looking forward to meeting all of you and seeing how you decide to tackle this difficult issue. Feel free to email me with any question: