WHO: Pandemic 2025

It's 2025, the world is collapsing due to the intentional release of a mysterious virus that currently has no cure. The UN collapsed as populations declined, the government failed, and riots and primal instincts take over. The head of the WHO, numerous world leaders, and representatives of the people have been saved, and are currently in a hidden bunker, safe from the disease. Together they are working to solve the crisis, reestablish government and a functioning world figure out new diplomatic functions, and save the remaining population from the disease. One country will eventually hold the cure, another released the disease, and the rest have to solve the crisis at hand.



CHair: Asher ZemmeL

Hello fellow delegates and honorable chair (that’s me). My name is Asher and I am one of your chairs for EthicalMUN III Pandemic. I won my first best delegate award at EthicalMUN and I am an avid participant of the club. Outside of being your new favorite chair, I am part of the varsity ping pong team along with Amani, I fence, I have been best friends with Margot since the first day of pre-k, and Ailynn is pretty ok too. My favorite tv show is Veep. Good luck to you all in committee and I hope none of you contract HGHA-1 because I don’t know where the hospital is and my google maps isn’t working.


Chair: Amani Creamer

Hello and welcome to EthicalMUN III! My name is Amani and I am one of your chairs for this committee. I’ve been doing Model UN for three years, and I was a leader of the club last year. Model UN is an amazing place to explore your interests, and meet other people who share those interests. In addition to Model UN, I do mock trial, sing, play tennis, and write for the politics section of the school newspaper. I am so excited to see you all debate this interesting and complicated issue, and come up with a relevant solution. Good luck to you all, and may the survivors write history.


CRisis Director: ailynn o’Neill

Hello and welcome to EthicalMUN III! EthicalMUN is a really engaging and fun way to practice Model UN skills and learn about dealing with real-world politics and conflicts. My name is Ailynn, and I'm one of your crisis directors. I'm so excited to be working with my amazing fellow MUN people to organize this great committee for you guys! I can't wait to see how you deal with the crises you're going to be thrown centering around the thought of a global pandemic. I've been doing Model UN since 7th grade, and have loved making connections with people, debating subjects I'm interested in, and getting better at public speaking through going to conferences! I've been at Fieldston since kindergarten. Outside of Model UN, I play piano and volleyball, love hanging out with friends, singing, and acting, and hate horror movies! I look forward to meeting you all and to a great committee session!


CRisis Director: Margot Gordon

Hi and welcome to EthicalMUN III. My name is Margot and I am the crisis director for this committee. I have been a part of Model UN since 7th grade. I am so excited to be crisis and see how all you attack the issues we present to you! In addition to being apart of model UN I am apart of the swim team and the Special Olympics Club. Outside of school I am a competitive sailor, can be found reading and/or watch tv, and I enjoy baking although I tend to not be successful. Again, I can’t wait to meet you all and I am looking forward to EthicalMUN III.