Q. Is EthicalMUN a conference for Middle School Students?
A. Yes, it is the expressed purpose of EthicalMUN and the Fieldston Model United Nations Club at-large to provide opportunities for younger delegates to participate in Model United Nations conferences.

Q. When are position papers due?
A. Position Papers are due on the day of the conference, printed out, to committee chairs. Any delegates that do not complete a position paper will not be eligible for an award, and can hurt the ability of their delegation's chances of winning a delegation award.

Q. What is EthicalMUN's award policy?
A. EthicalMUN will be awarding Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate and an Honorable Mention award in each committee, as well as a Best Delegation and an Outstanding Delegation award. Further details on EthicalMUN's award policy can be found under Conference Preparation.

Q. How much does EthicalMUN cost?
A. EthicalMUN has a $30 fee per delegate and an overarching $30 delegation fee.

Q. How many delegates can I bring to EthicalMUN?
A. As many as you want, however, EthicalMUN has a delegation cap of 200 delegates. Once 200 students have registered, registration will close, so reserve your seats as soon as possible.

Q. When are checks due to EthicalMUN?
A. Checks are due April 15. Delegations will not receive their country and position assignments until payment is received by the EthicalMUN staff. All delegations should pay for the conference though the online portal on the registration page.

Q. Will EthicalMUN be providing food for delegates?
A. EthicalMUN will be serving a pizza dinner on Saturday night. Delegates will be responsible for the rest of their meals, and will be provided with a list of local eateries at registration.

If you have a question that is not answered here please reach out to the Vice-Secretary of Communication, Hannah Platt, at 20hnplatt@ecfs.org